Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fine Dining in Apartment 18

Parker and I were sitting in the hot tub tonight imagining what would be the perfect dinner. We got on the subject that I have never had lobster. Well, I had a good day of tips so we went to Walmart (yes, our Walmart has live lobsters... weird) and we picked out a live lobster. They put it in a huge box and I wouldnt touch it. We got home and Parker put the box on the counter and I started moving some stuff around and I was about to move the box when I remembered what was in the box and I almost hit the ceiling! I realize it was stupid to be freaked out by this living thing in a box. Maybe it came from a childhood with no pets but Yikes!
Here's the little booger... looking up at us... GROSS!
We got on Food Network to see how Alton Brown says to cook Lobster and he told us to put it in the freezer first. We did that for about one minute and then realized that his recipe wanted us to bake it on some kind of rocks and we said forget that! So, Parker got it out and threw it into the pot. I think it started to freak him out a little too. Maybe it was me freaking out next to him but anyway. You'll have to watch the video of that. To watch the video double click on the play button and it will take you to the video.

First attempt at the freezer.... Then THE POT OF DOOM!

And we had the most wonderful dinner that was probably 8,000 calories after the butter but totally worth it! Good times!


  1. HAHAHA you guys totally crack me up. I had no idea that our Wal-Mart sold live lobster... that's kind of questionable, lol. I don't blame you though for being freaked out. Lobsters are creepy looking. They're like giant insects!

  2. That was hi-larious! I wouldn't have the guts. Good for you guys!