Sunday, June 28, 2009

Journal Writing

Today in YW they had a lesson on Journal writing. I am very good about keeping a journal. I have many volumes of my life recorded. Then I started thinking if anything in those journals are of value at all. No. There isn't really. I remembering my mom saying once that I need to stop writing in my journal when I'm angry because that's all anyone will remember. Of course I don't write when I'm mad anymore like I used to but this lesson got me thinking that I want a better history of our Family. I used to sit for hours listening to Grandma Wright tell me stories about our family and I have vague memories of the stories but little details. So, her is the challenge I am sending out to our family. I am going to be the official poking prode to getting this done... but I would like everyone in the famil to write down some stories of memories from anything. Be it significant or not. I'm going to ask you all to send me an email with some of these stories so i can organize them and create a bit of family history. We all have stories to share that will mean something to some one someday. I'm talking to all the kids too! Can't wait to hear from you all.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting Ready for the Wedding

This was us getting ready for the wedding. I was the hair lady. It was funny because I had Mckenna take some pictures and she kept saying... " I think it's taking a video.." and i didn't know my camera could do that so we kept trying to fix it. So, here are a couple very short clips of us getting ready and being confused by the camera. I thought they were funny.

Me being a technical genius!

Julie's Wedding

Julie's wedding was really beautiful. The ceremony was really nice and there vows (especially Randy's, way to go) made everyone cry. Mckenna was looking so fabulous. when she came down the isle There were 3 or 4 people who who saying, " Wow she looks so beautiful. oo, ahh!"
That's Karen on the other side of that hug!
The Man himself Randy. Really good guy... Welcome to the clan!
Julie looked so gorgeous! Everyone kept commenting that she had that happy glow all day.
On the left is Karen's husband David, then Julie, Randy And Karen
Ahh look at our girl all grown up!
I told her to take a classic "myspace" picture
My mom rocks!
We always do this picture just for Dad cuz he hates it. He doesn't understand way all girls squish there faces together and take a picture of them selves because it never looks good. haha. Dad, seriously your right and I don't know why we feel the need but it's part our genetic make up and we must do it.
The Sipherd's wanted in on the face squishing action too!
I told Kyle and Tyler that I wanted a pictue of them looking like hotties and they both di this pose at the same time. I gues that's the hottie pose?
these were the center pieces. The little picture in the middle is confetti that I made for Julies shower that I forgot to put out. I cut out about 200 of those tiny pictures then forgot to use them! I'm glad she found a use for them at the wedding.
Tyler dedicated a song to his mom then went and danced with her. It was very sweet.
Julie then dediacted a song to her parents and Grandma and Grandpa looked so cute dancing together.
This is my new baby cousin Haley! She is so cute. She started to cry so someone handed her a phone and that calmed her down for a minute then we gave her keys which made her happy for another minute. Sone we all had our electronic out to keep her happy. a whole table full of phones, cameras and keys finally did the trick... should we be concerned?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ok I lied

So, everyone is confused by the new name so it's going back to the idea fairy... jinx!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Name for idea fairy

I really never liked the name idea fairy so i have changed it to Candi Roses. I won't change it again... i think.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Parker's Business

Super exciting... Parker and a good friend have teamed up to start a business doing tech help. They have been working really hard on a cool website and hopefully that will work out for both of them. Parker is on summer break and needless to say finding a job has been very hard. This way he has a website and business cards. He already does little side jobs and this will help him be more organized. The business/ website is called The Turbo Tech. hence the website is

check it out!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wal mart @ Midnight

This is something we do A LOT. we usually get the urge to go shopping around midnight or later. It is way fun. We usually just get soda and before I was dieting we would sometimes get those frozen eggrolls. mmmmm... those beautiful days are over.
Walmart is usually the shopping place of choice. Why? it's getto-fabulous of course! it is two seconds from our house and mega cheap!
Sorry, but this is our favorite isle. Some day I will turn my life around and refrain from soda, but right now it is the only thing that keeps me sane on this diet.

Looking good in the middle of the night. :) Oh and the floors there are cement with a shiny varnish so when you shuffle your feet you can shock people really good. We have shocking fights occasionally. Parker is ruthless.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

LAN @ Nathan's

Master of the house... Nathan, ordering pizzas.
For those of you who don't know what a LAN party is.... It's a party where a bunch of gamers get together and play each other on computer games. They play all day and night. This one was Friday thru Saturday. There is also a large amount of Mountain Dew consumed.
Excuse me... " nector of the gods"

Ash & Evan
Ben & Scott

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Michael's Hair

My little brother rocks because he lets me play and create with his hair. so he needs to grow it out for the style we are going for but we cut the shape at least and i gave him some suttle highlights to make his look like he spends a lot of time at the beach!
Isn't he a hunk! You can send the dating applications to me for review.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What the...

So, I don't know what's happening with my blog backrounds but they are not showing up. Weird.
Is this what is happening to you Carolyn?
Anyway i just want to give wicked mad props to all the amazing women out there who are so creative! And they all have such cute houses (not expensive but sooo cute). And they all have great ideas on how to run a home! it blows my mind. It makes me want to be better. To be a better cook and keep my house more organized, decorated and clean! I have been spending an inappropriate amount of time looking at blogs and people rock!! There was one blog that I printed a bunch of stuff off of and it was her system for keeping a clean and "company ready" house with 5 kids. ( Let me know if you want a copy. It was the best thing I ever read). She should have a show on TLC. I wanted to be her so much that night that I cleaned and ironed and organized all night. I have so much to learn, but I have found my people! They are bloggers apparently! LOL.
Now moms feel free to laugh but my goal is, when I become a mother I don't want to be one of these women who are so overwhelmed with motherly duties that they can't get there house cleaned or never do their hair etc. you know the ones... so I have created a binder(it's on my idea fairy blog) I have put all kind of ideas for organizing, family nights, cleaning tips, home made crafts, kids games and parties. I love binders... anyway. So this is my goal to get ready for the awesome life I'm gonna have. Right now I am adopting the cleaning method of this lady and try to have my house "Company Ready" at all times... LOL... well I'm Gonna try. Wish me luck!