Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day @ Muir Woods & the beach

This was an awesome day! The pictures are backwards but we went to Muir beach and played then went for a 2 mile walk through Muir Woods. We went with Dad and that made it really fun. These pictures are the picnic we had before we went home. It was at a beach overlook. So beautiful!! I kept thinking I should take a picture of the ocean but it never comes across in a picture. the ocean is so overwhelmingly huge, it is something to experience and we could really see a lot for this overlook. The weather was nice and cool. It was about 65 degrees but near the end it got pretty cold. believe in or not there were still people IN the ocean... IN bikinis!! Crazy Crazy people!

This is Parker in the woods, trying to look like he's walking on water. lol
This is a HUGE tree that was burnt out in the middle . These trees are so big!

More Day @ the beach and muir woods

I know it gorgeous!

This is the tree that parker proposed to me at. We come to this spot everytime we come. It was also cool to show Dad where we got engaged.

I swear the lighting in Muir woods is Amazing!
One of my favorite things about Muir woods is the great bridges. They look so fairy tale.

Me & Dad

more Day @ the beach

We went to a part o Muir beach that we haven't been to before and we found some cool creatures. This was the biggest sea urchin we saw. (I don't know if I spelled that right)
Star fish are so awesome. We are pretty sure this one was dead because it was harder and prettier than the alive ones.
Here are some alive ones. I think i want one as a pet. Wouldn't that be cool?

There were so many clams it was crazy. There were huge rocks just completely covered.

more Day @ the beach

This is Parker's family's dog, Morty. Everybody loves Morty.
That water must have been so cold and parker was Crazy enough to get in it.

Isn't my husband the cutest man ever!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

3 Days!

Yeah for three day weekends! I know I hardly work as it is but I can still love a good three day weekend. At work we get this weekend off instead of last weekend ( don't ask me why but we do). Tomorrow we are hitting the road and going to Muir beach, hopefully with Dad, and I will take lots of pictures and make everyone jealous. Cross your fingers for stunning weather!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New blog!

So I started another blog that just has ideas. it should be super fun so check it out!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So, this morning i was toasting waffles in the oven and i needed to flip them over but the pan was just to far in. so, i grabbed some napkins that were right next to me and i went to grab the tray and it burst into flames and my hair caught on fire!! i didn't know what to do first put out the napkins that could burn the place down or save my hair. I threw the napkins in the oven and closed the door and started throwing water at my hair. I spent the rest of the morning cutting out singed pieces of hair. good thing i was going in late to work anyway! oh and my house had the lovely aroma of burnt hair.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My first New Beginnings!

New Beginnings was a lot of fun. we did a butterfly theme... "Like a butterfly". Sally and the laurels did really cute decorations and we had a pretty good turn out. Our incoming beehives are so cute! yeah for Haley and Sarah! My portion of it was to Write and present a story about a butterfly so i put that below! here are some pics...

New Beginnings Story - Susie the Butterfly

There once was a little caterpillar named Susie. She was happy with her life. All she had to do was play and eat all day long.
One day as she munched on a leaf, she looked up in the sky and saw the most beautiful butterfly. Susie knew she was meant to grow into a butterfly. But she thought, "How can I believe there is a beautiful butterfly inside of me when all I see is a fuzzy little worm?"
Just then the beautiful butterfly landed next to her .
"Oh, Good day, what is your name?", asked Susie.
"I'm Ella. I just had to land for I have had such a busy day and I need a rest."
"Come rest by me Ella. What do butterflies do all day long?"
"Well", Said Ella, "Butterflies drink nectar from the flowers and carry seeds from one flower to another. Without us the world would soon have few flowers."
"Oh," said Susie, "How does one become a butterfly?"
" You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar. It's hard work and you must be patient, but I have a feeling you will know how to become a beatiful butterfly all on your own. Thanks for letting me rest with you."
And with that, Ella flew off.
"Oh, No!" thought Susie, "That was no help at all. I really want to be the best butterfly i can be and I have to figure it out all on my own!"
Susie woriied about this until one day she knew it was time for her to build a cocoon and become what she had always dreamed of. Ella was right though, this wasn't easy..."How long do I have to wait?"
Time passed and finally it was time for Susie to come out of her cocoon. This was even harder than she had thought! after much struggling she flew free.
"Wow! I love this!" she made a few circles in the sky, and then Susie knew the first thing she wanted to do. she had to find a reflection. "Am I beautiful?" she wondered.

New Beginnings Story continued

She flew until she reached a pond a short ways away and peered in. Susie was a little disappointed. She certainly wasn't as pretty as Ella had been. she started to cry but then remembered all the fun she could have being a butterfly. so she flew off, soaring through the trees and carrying nectar to all the flowers! what fun it was! she soon forgot thatshe was not as beautiful as she hoped.
Along her flight she noticed a ladybug thathad fallen on it's back. susie flew down and asked, "Um, Mr. Ladybug, can I help?" the poor Lady bug had obviously given up after a valiant effort of trying to get back on his feet. "Oh, I hate it when this happens, I fear I will be here all day!" Said the bug. Well, Susie started to push on one side and with her new found confidence and strength, she got him over.
"Oh, thank you! Now I'll get home in thime for dinner!" just then his wife came running down the garden path worried about Mr. ladybug.
"What happened?"she yelled.
"Well this beautiful butterfly helped me back on my feet." His word "beautiful" made Susie perk up. Mrs. ladybug agreed, "Thank you!" she said.
As they walked away Susie heard Mrs. Ladybug say, "What a beautiful butterfly. You rarely see them so pretty."

She couldn't believe her ears! she started to think about what Ella had said so long ago. Is this what makes a butterfly beautiful? being kind? I feel good! I feel pretty!
She liked feeling this way. So, as she took the nector from flower to flower, she started to look for others to serve. pretty soon she had become known throughout the garden as the most beautiful butterfly that ever lived there.
Susie would go back to the pond every now and then. the reflection didn't change but something in her heart was happy!
Becoming a beautiful beuuterfly isn't always easy and sometimes we may not be able to see the beauty on the outside but everyone can see beauty that comes from within.