Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Ode to my In- Laws

So i just thought since I haven't written about them I should. I have been blessed with the best in- laws out there. Since I was first introduced into their family all of them have been so welcoming and treated me like part of the family. From the outside looking in they appear to be the perfect family one could hope for. Then from the inside looking out they actually are the perfect family! When Parker and I were dating I remembered something that grandma used to say, "See how he treats his mother and his sisters and that is how he will treat you." Parker and his brothers and sisters have so much respect for their parents and they treat their mother like she the angel she is. They all get along like good friends who all picked each other to be in the same family. It is really magical. I am in awe of the kindness and goodness of my mother and father in- law. My kids are going to be lucky to have such great grandparents. Parker and I always leave saying to each other how much we love them and how lucky we are to have them for parents. I have really been blessed to know them! I love you guys!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The small things

I was just thinking the other day about all of the small things that make me really happy. Here are some of those small things.

Foot massages
Parker in the morning
Diet Pepsi
School suppliesPutting the last check on a long To Do list
Listening to the hum of appliances
Knowing everything is clean and in it's place
Smell of fresh baked cookies
Realizing a prayer has been answered
Creme brulee
Parker cried at our wedding
Organizing things

Catching Parker smelling my hair
Arguing about future baby names (Winston is not an okay first name!)
Watching a funny movie with my dad
Baby pictures of Parker
When a brilliant idea dawns on me
When a client loves their hair
Finding money I forgot I had
Cleaning up after a successful party

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Crazy weekend

We had kind of a crazy weekend. It all started with going to visit Julie in Tracy for Saturday and Sunday.
We had great food and great company. What more could you want. It's fun to catch up with everything

Then on Sunday evening we went to my mom's house and I taught a fireside.
After the fireside we went to my inlaws house and stayed the night. The next day we planned and put on a party for our good friend Jerrica who is leaving on her mission to brazil. It was SOOO fun!

We played a lot of games and had an ice cream bar. After the party I cut her missionary haircut.!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Half way there!

So, I started this journey in February of this year. It was much needed and about time! It is hard to explain how I let myself get to this point but it happened while having a really good time. :) I have never even attempted to lose the amount of weight that I have to lose. Every single day is hard but I am determined to do it this time. I was recently inspired again by my friend Jen who just posted her before and afters. She has already reached her goal which gives me hope! The picture below was this last Christmas and the picture below that was in February right before I started my diet.



I still have a ways to go but I have lost 45 pounds and still working hard. I don't have a goal date but I just want to get healthy before I have a family. Everyone is asking how I am doing it so my big secret is 1,000 calories a day and I work out at least 3 times a week. My secret weapon is Lean Cuisines for lunch which leave enough calories for a decent dinner and occasionally I get a desert! :) Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me! I need you!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Young Women's Retreat

This is molly mormon. she was our mascot. she was our A.R.M.Y. (a righteous mormon youth)
Parker came too! He and the bishop served as the priesthood supervision. They were the Generals.
We got there about an hour before the girls arrived. it was a mad dash to rearrange all the furniture and put up some decorations but i think it worked out. jen made army signs for evrything
this is where the girls all slept while we (leaders) slept in huge gorgeous beds

All the girls had their own cup for the weekend and i think it worked out nice

this was our enlistment table. they got their shirts and itineraries and top secret packets that had their dog tags and a list of easy personal progress goals they could pass off. when they passed a goal they got a bead on there medals of honor pins.

This was our main briefing room where we had our lessons... that bear was a lot of fun. We had lots of pranks done with him. We named him Bruno.
When the girls first arrive our Sergeant major Sally tried her best to be a mean drill sergeant and we all laughed because she started out by saying "Welcome!" In her "mean" voice. If you know sally you know she doesn't have a "mean" voice and she is rarely not smiling so this was hilarious to watch.

Laurie brought this vintage army hat to collect all cell phones and Ipods but we didn't have a problem, we have good girls.
Yes these are my beehives and one of the leaders drew on a CTR tattoo and it became the fashion and everyone had to have one .

Sally got one that said I love Mom. Her son got a tattoo and she asked him if it at least said I Love Mom and of course it wasn't. So, she did this and took a picture to make her son laugh.
Isn't this cake great. I found a picture online of a similar cake but these girls, Katrina nad Amber, did a way better job.
This Cake was awesome!
These are some get to know you games. They were really fun... way to go Stephanie!
Here they are catching skittles in these cups that are tied around their waists.

Molly got a makeover in the whole armor of God. Cute idea Laurie!
So, the owners told us to follow the trail in the back yard and it would lead us to the lake thank goodness the bishop had a GPS because the farther we walked the farther away we got from the lake. after walking a good two miles he discovered that we were.3 miles away from where we started and another 3 miles from the beach... let's just say we followed the bishop back to the house and we all drove there. the beach was great and from what I hear the water wasn't too cold.
Most of us laid there and read.

The beehive came and took this picture! silly girls
Angela came and tought us a lesson on strong women in the gospel. So she came dressed as Rosie the riviter. It was a great lesson
Skit night... I was really impressed by the girls they all did a great job

in between the skits the presidency was doing a vintage radio show that tied everything together

Chexie... she was the yummiest object lesson I have ever gave. I made muddy buddies and did a short lesson about it. you can find the lesson on the idea fairy.
After hours... need i say more