Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our new car!

In July I sold my Mustang and I have just gone carless for the past few months. I'll admit that it has been nice to be without the payments and it isn't that bad to only have one car, but it was starting to get old.

Last time I bought a car, it was more for fun and I just really loved it because it was so cute. THIS time I wanted a car that could hold all my beehives and stuff... lots and lots of stuff. So we really did our research. After a couple months of looking at reviews and Auto Trader, we found the kind of car that we wanted. We have driven all over and Parker has test driven about ten of them and today we found the right one and we grabbed it!

We got a smokin' deal on it and it is Parker's favorite color. It has been lovingly named Mini Penguin. Guess who named it. He gets to name the cars and I get to name the children... I think that's what we agreed on. Anyway I think yellow fits us. So, here it is.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Monterey Aquarium

The first thing that we did was go to Point Lobos. It was really pretty up there, we took a ton of pictures.

Yes that is a huge drop off behind us. I was really brave and went anyway. And look how cute Parker is!

This path was awesome... doesn't it look like a fairy tale path... maybe that's just me. I love it. But what was really cool was the orange moss/mold on these trees. It was so bright orange, it looked kind of unreal.And of course the bathroom was SOOOOO disgusting. Gross! I can't even talk about it...

Then we went to Cannery Row which was really disappointing. It was a bunch of art galleries full of art I could care less about and tacky tourist shops. but I had a client recommend this place called Willy's smokehouse. She said they had the best pulled pork ever. I had this pulled pork sandwich with apple- jalapeno coleslaw on it! YUM! Parker had a burger with beef, bacon and pulled pork. Heart attack burger!

We really wanted to see a cool sunset so we drove around and found this little beach and we played and talked til the sun went down. The weather was perfect. 65-75 degrees.

Little bird feet! So cute!

The next day we went to the aquarium. I have never been and I was impressed. We got there early so we could watch the penguin feeding. Of course. They were awesome. There's a little video at the bottom of this post but it's kind of hard to see.

I am always impressed that these colors actually exist in nature.

you can't really see it but this fish was massive. It was probably 4 feet long. It was bigger than the sharks in the tank.

The jelly fish were AMAZING!

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Baby Brother

Today Michael and I got to just hang out and kill time. It was great. We went and had a great lunch at Red Robin and then went to the Guitar Center. There he taught me the basics of the guitar and we went in this room where they have acoustic guitars you can test/play. Michael started playing real songs and I was really impressed! But then I asked him to play me something he wrote and he played the most beautiful song with lyrics.

Raise your hand if you knew Michael could really compose music?!

In the car we had the best time singing our hearts out to Highschool Musical 3 and Little Mermaid the Musical. It was awesome but now my throat hurts. It's hard to keep up with Michael.

We came home and he hung out with Parker while I did hair then went to a meeting and then we all watched the Office til all hours of the night!

What a great day!