Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanksgiving trip to Utah

This Thanksgiving we tooka short trip out to Utah to visit Melissa and her family and Carolyn and her family. We drove there with Dad, Mom had flown out earlier but we had her with us for the drive back... Good Times! Oh, and random... we were in the middle of nowhere at a gas station in Nevada that we normally wouldn't stop at and we just happened to run into the Hoopes boys who were also on their way to Utah. later we stopped at a rest stop and Dad knew somebody there! Crazy!

Of course I HAD to make my jalapeno and spicy sausage Stuffing. Unfortunately I killed it by burning it and cooking it wrong... to bad so sad.
We had a great time playing with our nephews! Caelan ( I dont know how to spell the kids name so sound it out :) had a great time playing with the remote control car that Uncle Parker brought for him.
And Will had fun sitting in the dirt... I love this picture, So cute!
This was great because parker fell asleep on the couch and Will just climbed right up and took a seat!

Then, on Friday we went to visit with Carloyn's family for a bit. We had lunch and went to the Mormon history museum.
I absolutely love seeing this temple. I have seen it a bunch of times but always have to take a picture. It's incredible!
This is me with the Woods in front of a real pioneer cabin. It was one of the few structures still standing from when the pioneers first settled. Amazing
My favorite thing in the whole place was these death masks of Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith. How cool is that.
Upstairs they have a room for all the prophets. here is the display for Gordon B. Hinckley.
Parker practicing being and apostle... hahaha

We introduced them to Charlie brown and they couldnt get close enough. it was great!

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