Sunday, June 28, 2009

Journal Writing

Today in YW they had a lesson on Journal writing. I am very good about keeping a journal. I have many volumes of my life recorded. Then I started thinking if anything in those journals are of value at all. No. There isn't really. I remembering my mom saying once that I need to stop writing in my journal when I'm angry because that's all anyone will remember. Of course I don't write when I'm mad anymore like I used to but this lesson got me thinking that I want a better history of our Family. I used to sit for hours listening to Grandma Wright tell me stories about our family and I have vague memories of the stories but little details. So, her is the challenge I am sending out to our family. I am going to be the official poking prode to getting this done... but I would like everyone in the famil to write down some stories of memories from anything. Be it significant or not. I'm going to ask you all to send me an email with some of these stories so i can organize them and create a bit of family history. We all have stories to share that will mean something to some one someday. I'm talking to all the kids too! Can't wait to hear from you all.


  1. Great idea. I will get it done. I already told dad to write down stories from his younger years because I don't know that much about his growing up years. OF course he said something like you did that no one would care but if I had stories from my grandparents or great grandparents, I would love to hear anything they had to say. It just makes them more real. I'll tell my kids too. It will be a Sunday project.

  2. I completley know what you mean. I had always kept a journal growing up and had a bunch of them. As I would re-read through them all I saw were negative things that I read when I was upset and some happy times, but it did make me think that I need to write more of a history of my life. I loved our YW lesson on journals. Now I just need to get back into the swing of it!