Thursday, June 25, 2009

Julie's Wedding

Julie's wedding was really beautiful. The ceremony was really nice and there vows (especially Randy's, way to go) made everyone cry. Mckenna was looking so fabulous. when she came down the isle There were 3 or 4 people who who saying, " Wow she looks so beautiful. oo, ahh!"
That's Karen on the other side of that hug!
The Man himself Randy. Really good guy... Welcome to the clan!
Julie looked so gorgeous! Everyone kept commenting that she had that happy glow all day.
On the left is Karen's husband David, then Julie, Randy And Karen
Ahh look at our girl all grown up!
I told her to take a classic "myspace" picture
My mom rocks!
We always do this picture just for Dad cuz he hates it. He doesn't understand way all girls squish there faces together and take a picture of them selves because it never looks good. haha. Dad, seriously your right and I don't know why we feel the need but it's part our genetic make up and we must do it.
The Sipherd's wanted in on the face squishing action too!
I told Kyle and Tyler that I wanted a pictue of them looking like hotties and they both di this pose at the same time. I gues that's the hottie pose?
these were the center pieces. The little picture in the middle is confetti that I made for Julies shower that I forgot to put out. I cut out about 200 of those tiny pictures then forgot to use them! I'm glad she found a use for them at the wedding.
Tyler dedicated a song to his mom then went and danced with her. It was very sweet.
Julie then dediacted a song to her parents and Grandma and Grandpa looked so cute dancing together.
This is my new baby cousin Haley! She is so cute. She started to cry so someone handed her a phone and that calmed her down for a minute then we gave her keys which made her happy for another minute. Sone we all had our electronic out to keep her happy. a whole table full of phones, cameras and keys finally did the trick... should we be concerned?

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