Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Beginnings Story continued

She flew until she reached a pond a short ways away and peered in. Susie was a little disappointed. She certainly wasn't as pretty as Ella had been. she started to cry but then remembered all the fun she could have being a butterfly. so she flew off, soaring through the trees and carrying nectar to all the flowers! what fun it was! she soon forgot thatshe was not as beautiful as she hoped.
Along her flight she noticed a ladybug thathad fallen on it's back. susie flew down and asked, "Um, Mr. Ladybug, can I help?" the poor Lady bug had obviously given up after a valiant effort of trying to get back on his feet. "Oh, I hate it when this happens, I fear I will be here all day!" Said the bug. Well, Susie started to push on one side and with her new found confidence and strength, she got him over.
"Oh, thank you! Now I'll get home in thime for dinner!" just then his wife came running down the garden path worried about Mr. ladybug.
"What happened?"she yelled.
"Well this beautiful butterfly helped me back on my feet." His word "beautiful" made Susie perk up. Mrs. ladybug agreed, "Thank you!" she said.
As they walked away Susie heard Mrs. Ladybug say, "What a beautiful butterfly. You rarely see them so pretty."

She couldn't believe her ears! she started to think about what Ella had said so long ago. Is this what makes a butterfly beautiful? being kind? I feel good! I feel pretty!
She liked feeling this way. So, as she took the nector from flower to flower, she started to look for others to serve. pretty soon she had become known throughout the garden as the most beautiful butterfly that ever lived there.
Susie would go back to the pond every now and then. the reflection didn't change but something in her heart was happy!
Becoming a beautiful beuuterfly isn't always easy and sometimes we may not be able to see the beauty on the outside but everyone can see beauty that comes from within.

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  1. That is so cute. You better hang onto that. I guess you are posting it on your blog. I am glad I have never had to write a story in Young Women's. Mine wouldn't be as good as yours.