Saturday, January 1, 2011

My latest peeve....

Reading my friend Katie's blog made me think about things that everyone does that everyone kinda hates. If that makes sense. One is what Katie mentioned.... the question "Are you ready for Christmas?" I admit that I have said it. But what does that mean? Is it that your shopping done? If you are stressing out about it? Relaxed about it? or as Katie said, is it being prepared for the total awesomeness that is Christmas? Will we ever know? I hate being asked it but I still ask other people in an attempt make conversation... lame I know!

My next peeve is people complaining about the price of candy at the movies. We all know it is outrageously priced. That's not a new thing. but we can't help but be shocked each time and we can't stop talking about it. That's why we have purses to bring in our own candy and drinks. You just have to be prepared or pay up! Of course nothing can replace movie theater popcorn but it's worth it!

My other peeve is the checkers at the grocery store here in Auburn. They are just way too friendly! I get the small town thing but seriously... the lines take 3 times as long as they have to because the cashiers are talking away! I get up there and they want to know what I did today, what my plans are, what do I do for a living, where I got my shirt, when am I due, if my husband and I are newlyweds.... and if you have to answer than they will start telling you a story about them that goes on and on. Meanwhile, I just keep hoping they will start pulling my groceries through. I can usually hurry up the conversation but the other people in town totally eat it up and they stay forever. Now thank goodness for self check out!

I know I sound kinda negative and I don't really dwell on these things too much but every once and a while I just have to roll my eyes. :)


  1. haha those are good peeves. and I hear ya on the grocery check out lines. The other day I had the longest "express" line checkout in the world at Wal Mart. I was trying to have patience, but in the end if it takes you 20 minutes to check out with 3 things, something's gotta give! :)

  2. haha did you catch it when the girl at the cut counter in Joanns came over to show us that really crazy looking valentines fabric?? I love how she said, "This remind me of you guys!" she was toooo funny!