Thursday, October 21, 2010

catching up... Day in San Fran

Parker and I were going to pick up Mom and Dad at the San Fransisco airport from their flight home from England. They were expected to arrive at 7pm, so we decided to make a day of it. And we ended up making a long day of it! We decided to go to a Giants game. (Surprisingly one of our favorite things to do together). We got there at 11am to get our seats and whatnot for the game that started at noon. It was shockingly warm for San Fran ( 98 degrees) but the sun was right on us the whole time.

Here's where it gets fun. We get a phone call from Dad saying that it looks like the flight is going to come later than planned. More like 9pm. We both kinda laughed thinking what we would do until then. About an hour later we get another call from Dad saying that it looks like its gonna be more like 11pm.! haha. Then we really had to figure out how to kill some time. We prayed that baseball game would take a long time. It didn't.

As we walked out of the park I noticed that I had gotten some color. New for me and my white white skin! thought it was cool and we moved on. We decided to go to our other favorite place, Muir beach. We thought we could cool down and kill some time.

We get to the beach and it is FREEZING! I think it was like 58 degrees. So literally, 15 minutes away to the coast the temp dropped that much. Fortunately, we found some blankets in the trunk (we had mom and dad's car). Also at this point I was starting to realize that the color I got was more a ferocious sunburn.

We stayed there while Parker taunted the birds with sour cream and onion Pringles. Which I'm assuming are not good for the wildlife. We stayed until we could take the cold anymore and went to Pier 39 for a while. Mostly boring but... it killed time.

Then we found this really yummy Italian place. And we told the waitress to take her time, no rush! haha. Of course she and the kitchen were prompt! After we decided to find a sit down desert place. I can't believe we found one but it was of course in the Castro district. ( Gay town). We looked very out of place as a straight couple there. Parker realized that he was sticking out like a sore thumb with his Nascar hat on:) It was really yummy! and a good way to use up time.

At that point it was finally time to pick up mom and dad and we had successfully killed 12 hours in San Fran.

By the time I got home the sunburn was so painful I could hardly touch the sheets in bed... We had to take a picture.... haha.

And I had to get a picture of Parker and his perfect tan that he got with no sunburn at all. Can I also mention that it is 3 weeks later and my arms are still red not tan.

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