Friday, July 16, 2010

A strange new planet called Nordstroms

I started my new job today! I am now working for Philosophy as a "specialist" that goes from place to place helping at different Philosophy counters. Well, today was at Nordstroms at Arden Fair Mall. We were really busy the first half of the day and the second half I pretty much stood there for four hours in heels. Here is what I observed...

People at Nordstroms are BEAUTIFUL. The people who work there and the people who shop there. Even the lady who came by emptying the garbage had flawless make-up on. I kept looking in the mirror to see if I was sticking out like a sore thumb in my plainness. The girl who was selling Prada bags was so gorgeous that I had to keep looking at her. (hope she didn't notice) she could have been a model just off of a shoot.

I also noted the huge amounts money being spent today. I know it shouldn't be a surprised but WOW! As I stood there forever, I was facing a Juicy Couture counter with school supplies. No joke, binders, folders, water bottles, and notebooks etc. And mom's were bringing their girls in and actually buying this stuff. This stuff was behind glass. A girl pointed to a pack of spiral bound notebooks and wanted to see it. The man behind the counter took it out and carefully took the plastic wrapping off and handed it to her as if she were about to examine the crown jewels. It's a notebook people.... they are .88 cents at target right now. Crazy! I found a purse I wanted. Valentino shiny red leather with a huge bow on it! *sigh* Only 700 dollars on sale. What a bargain.

I couldn't help but to reflect on what I was wearing today. I had a shirt that was 5 dollars at Target, a dress over it that I got at Walmart for 9 dollars and shoes that I bought 5 years ago at Target for 12.99. My whole outfit today was cheaper than the cheapest thing I sold today which was a small body wash. I hope I pulled it off.

Also, Nordstroms really does have amazing customer service. Everyone is super polite and helpful, even to me who wasn't a customer. For instance, a lady had to return something and I asked a man who worked there to help her out and he acted so grateful and thrilled to be of assistance. It almost made me laugh but it also came off genuine somehow. It doesn't surprise me that people can get sucked into it.

But to be fair the customers were all really great ( believe me, I worked at Gottschalks... I could tell the difference) For instance the counter manager had a customer buy here a whole box of Godiva chocolates just because she sold her something... Weird! I also was taken back by these people who bought everything I suggested. It made me wonder if they get taken advantage of a lot because no joke I could have kept adding and they would have kept buying ( Well, I sold them a lot but it was good stuff that was just right for them! :)) Of course with the beautiful and sweet people, there were also the strange, eccentric ones too. A lady came in with make-up spackled on her face with three dogs on a leash, who were wearing more bling than she was. There were also the people who were just there to be treated well and tried on everything at every counter and didn't buy anything. Not that I'm complaining because although trashy, it's better than not being able to afford it all but buying it all on credit anyway. There were also some outrageous outfits but they got away with it because they are rich. Funny people...

Also, I should never try to wear heels again.... Ouch!

Also, If you have never been in a Nordstroms bathroom... you should go! I couldn't find the bathroom anywhere until I finally saw a sign that said, "Women's Lounge." I assumed that was it. I walked in to see a sitting room that is bigger than my family room with carpet and big couches, beautiful lighting and pictures. At first I backed out, thinking maybe it was a nursing room or something ( because there was a woman nursing in there) I looked at the sign again and went all the way in and at the back of this room was the bathrooms. Bathrooms that had doors you couldn't see right into (I hate that about public bathrooms) and good toilet paper... I know too much info but man it was nice!

Also, Philosophy rocks and I really had a blast selling it today!

I know that was a lot of rambling but I had a lot of time to think today

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  1. Oh my gosh this post is great! I'm amazed that people buy Juicy school supplies. I didn't even know those existed haha. I think you totally rocked the outfit. It sounds exactly like something I would wear :) I'm sending good wishes your way for that red purse!!