Thursday, July 1, 2010

Best movie ever!

i have to tell ya'll how awesome Eclipse was. I thought they really followed the book on this one and it was a good thing that they did because that is my favorite book and I would have had to be angry if they had messed it up! The night of the premiere ( June29th) mom and I threw a pre- show party that was super fun. You can see pictures here. I don't know if it was more fun getting ready for the party or actually being there. Maybe equally awesome.

After the party we got in line at the theater around 10 pm and the line was already wrapped around to the back of the building. The people up front had been there since 8 am! They deserved to get in first! Other people had picnic blankets out and were really set up. Someone even had an extension cord coming out of their car powering what I think was a movie. We just entertained ourselves. Katie and I tried to start singing show tunes to see if it would catch didn't.

We finally got in and believe it or not we got great seats right in the middle of the theater. That's when I felt bad for the poor people who waited all day. Haha! I think I smiled through the whole movie and when it was over we started planning on when we would go again! It was sooo good. I tried to get parker to come with me... no such luck but jokes on him because when it comes out on video, I'll probably watch it so much that he wont be able to avoid it. Now all I can do is get a count down going for the last one which I'm hoping they make into two movies. more movies=more parties=happy candice!

if you haven't seen it or read the books then DO IT ALREADY!

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  1. I heard they are making the last book into two's gonna be SWEET!