Monday, June 7, 2010

Goodbye Fair Oaks, Hello Auburn

We are moving... again! (June 26th) We are so very very sad to leave our ward. We love it so much. It's like saying goodbye to our friends and family. I am particularly sad to leave my Young Women. Ach! It's making me cry just typing this out! We are doing it for a good reason though.

We are gonna live in my parent's empty house until it sells, so that will be a good opportunity for us to save money and get ready for Parker's final stretch of school and BABIES!!! No, I'm not pregnant yet but we are trying! ( Time seems to completely slow to a crawl while waiting o be pregnant... it's awful!)

I feel like I am having to sacrifice so much right now (working at my job, living out of boxes for an unknown amount of time, leaving my ward family, cutting out every unnecessary thing to save money) but as soon as I remember my goal of a family, it becomes totally worth it. Shame on me for waiting as long as I have ( something I will regret for the rest of my life).

Thank you to my own parents, as I am now starting to be able to fully appreciate the sacrifice it takes to start and support a family.

We love where we have lived and are sorry to leave but it will be for the best... I'm sure.


  1. I know it's such a hard decision to move, but you have done so much good here in the ward! I know what you mean when you commented on my blog about how you feel like you are dying or something! It's like saying good-bye to a whole life. Even though you know there's a new one right around the corner. Anyways, congrats on the baby making! haha that sounded awkward. You will be a fantastic mom. Good luck and I hope you have a great time in Auburn. You never know what new awesome callings the Lord will need you in :)

  2. We will definitely miss having you here in Fair Oaks, but I'm sure the move is for the best. You and Parker are going to have beautiful children someday. <3

  3. Katie Babie? who are you? is this Katie Roth?