Friday, May 21, 2010

Dating your husband

My new favorite blog! The Dating Divas. The whole blog is women who have great ideas on how to date your husband. We all know Mormon dating is always wholesome and fun and creative. Why does that kind of dating have to stop after your married. Are we doomed to dinner and a movie. Quiet dinner parties. Grocery shopping at midnight. Don't get me wrong those are great things too, but we all can agree that we could kick it up a notch. A little more effort can make all the difference. I got an idea from the dating divas and added my own personal touch...

Writing on the mirror...
In all these envelopes I have love notes and reasons why I appreciate and respect him.
I put little love notes on his computer
In this box I wrapped up pictures that I took of my self explaining what our date will be.

The first one is of me holding a picture of the pie we were gonna make together.

The second one is of me holding a picnic basket because we will be going on a picnic.

Third is me holding our blow up mattress and a movie cuz we like to set that up in the living room to watch movies and that's when we will eat our pie right out of the pan!

The fourth is for me to know and for only Parker to find out!

Being married is THE BEST! It makes me feel sad when people say that life isn't a fairytale and it will be a hard road.

My question to them is what are you doing for your Prince Charming to make him want to treat you like the Princess you are?

And what are you doing to make the road smoother for your trip? So far I wake up every day thrilled that I got to marry my best friend.

Treat each other with love and respect and appreciation... every day.

Happy Dating !!!

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