Sunday, January 17, 2010

Youth dances

Parker and I had the opportunity to chaperon a multi- stake dance the other night. As I was sitting there at my post not letting kids "leave through that door". I made some observations that made me laugh.

First that I felt old because I didn't know all the songs. There was even a Miley Cirus song that made everybody go crazy and I'm thinking "What"?

I also noted that the reason you don't want to show up early is: first, there are no other people there so it's up to you to get the party started, but the girl who's skirt was a questionable length had at least five chaperons come up and tell here it try to pull it down some.

I saw an older couple there who were chaperoning in our corner who would get out and dance the slow songs and could ACTUALLY DANCE! they dont sway back and forth like the rest of us. I kept thinking she looked so graceful then the more I looked at their feet I realized they were dancing as if it was choreographed. They had different steps and spins. It was like a Rodger and Hammerstein moment. I told her she needs to show the youngsters here how to really dance. She laughed but I think agreed. The best was as soon as that song ended and some R&B song came on it was like a wave of confusion came over their faces like, " how do you dance to this garbage!"

There were two girls there who looked like Twilight fans who shop at Hot Topic. It really is unfortunately the best way to describe them. They both kinda looked like boys too:/ Anyway, they were the first ones at the dance and they started dancing by themselves from the second the music started till the second it ended. They were dancing a little crazy but having a blast. Then I see "cool" boys come up and pretend to dance with them all crazy (mockingly) and girls were obviously excited they had come over. It didnt last long before those guys left to their friends who all had a good laugh at the girls expense and they were pointing and falling on the ground and saying mean things I'm sure the girls heard. The girls acted like it was nothing and kept dancing but I was so mad. The boys kept looking like they were going to go back over and believe me I was ready to tell them that were welcome to leave them alone! They didn't, probably because I kept throwing them disgusted looks and looked like I was ready to get them! Ew, boys suck! Sometimes...

I also noted that one of the actual cool kids had ask a little down syndrome girl to dance and treated her so nice. He just danced with her once and then went back to his group of friends but the girl was so thrilled to be asked. I wish all guys and girls could know how much that sort of thing means. He didn't have to spend the whole night with her but it definitely made her night.

There was this girl who really made me laugh. Barbara Phipps used to do this. Playing wall flower. She would seperate herself from her friends at slow songs and look available. I kept seeing her alone walking around the dance floor during slow songs and I thought it was strange for someone who I saw with a lot of friends to be alone. Then I realized what she was doing. I turned to Parker and told him to watch. I bet money that every time she would get someone to dance with her. You could see the guys about to approach her and panic and keep walking. But, in the end she always had someone new ask her to dance. This is a true female. She knows the game!

Let me just note the general awkwardness of this age group. Everyone trying to be so cool. A couple kids trying way to hard and failing!

I also want to know why no one has to have dance cards anymore! We keep getting these 12 and 13 year old kids going to the dances because they can just walk in! I'm not sure why the standards should get more relaxed instead of tightened up. Lame.

The whole night you just it there thinking because it's so loud you cant talk and it gives one time to observe.


  1. HAHA Oh my gosh those stories are great! It totally takes me back to dances at Rocklin's Stake Center when I was in high school. Yeah, if I brought friends they always had to be interviewed and given a briefing on our standards before being let in and you also had to sign in at the dances. That's awesome that you guys got to chaperone and I'm thankful for that one nice boy who asked the down syndrome girl to dance and was genuinely sweet about it. That's the kind of guy that you want to marry girls!

  2. That is awesome. I love that you guys chaperoned. How funny! It makes me so mad about boys who tease girls like that. I would have had a hard time not having a chat with them...uncool, I know. That's prob why I'm in nursery :)

  3. Good observations Candice! Brent and I observed the same things from our "corner". The Kloepfers are so awesome. I have known them for 20 years and they have always been amazing. I'll bet in their day they were the "it" couple.
    Fun times at the ol church dance, eh? Wished we could have hung out with you and Parker more that night and not have been banished to opposite ends of the cultural hall!