Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Down for the Count!

Last Tuesday I was @ work and I was just bending over some boxes and when I went to stand up I heard a pop and then I couldn't stand up all the way... darn it. So I waited there in the back room for about 10 min, hunched over, until someone found me. She helped me get on the flor and everyone is wanting to call 911. I'm thinking ya it hurts but do we have to be so dramatic and call 911? I was hoping I could stretch it out and be fine.
Well, I'm glad the did call because I was hurting! The ambulance came and took me to the E.R. where I had to get off the bed and into a wheel chair. Well, this was a problem because it hurt more to sit than anything else! so I was leaning all my weight onto my arms (which still hurt bytheway) for the 4 hours we were there! Of course I had a good time with the guy next to me pucking his guts out and the guy who came in and said that his whole family has the swine flu and he thinks he has it to and the grandma who was wearing a sweater with pictures of money and brass knuckles all over it.
After all that and x-rays and paper work... I find out that I sprained my back and it will be about two weeks to recover... BOO. So, the first few days I layed drugged up on the couch and then I got better and today I am back at work with my beautiful back brace on. I'm a little sore but felling pretty good. Thanks to everyone who did such nice things for me and sent your well wishes while I was Down for the Count!

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  1. Wow! I'm glad you're up and moving around now! That sounded like SOOOOOO much fun :) Especially the grandma's sweater and the guy who liked to puke. Fun fun times. Just remember, someday, you'll look back and laugh! (We hope)