Thursday, October 29, 2009

The coolest Halloween party ever!

Julie is awesome! she threw the coolest Halloween party that I wish everyone could have seen. Every little detail of her house was perfect. The pictures are courtesy of my mom's cell so i hope you can see the coolness. Parker went as a prisoner and I went as a mechanic. Dad went as a chef and mom was a doctor.
if you can see in the left of this picture there is a sceleton and his chest has little bones in it and the heart is a dish of bruchetta! the face is cream cheese and ham!
this is a skeleton lounging and reading
Out side she had a lot of stuff but the creepy thing was these baby heads she had hanging in the trees.

The cups had eyeballs on them! and there was a brain floating in the water.
and this is just cute!
what we didn't see was there was a dead body covered with a sheet in the back yard and she had a vampire room and a witch area. We also played this game called farkle that is kind of like bunco. anyway it was great!

Happy Halloween!

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