Monday, September 7, 2009

Monterey Aquarium

The first thing that we did was go to Point Lobos. It was really pretty up there, we took a ton of pictures.

Yes that is a huge drop off behind us. I was really brave and went anyway. And look how cute Parker is!

This path was awesome... doesn't it look like a fairy tale path... maybe that's just me. I love it. But what was really cool was the orange moss/mold on these trees. It was so bright orange, it looked kind of unreal.And of course the bathroom was SOOOOO disgusting. Gross! I can't even talk about it...

Then we went to Cannery Row which was really disappointing. It was a bunch of art galleries full of art I could care less about and tacky tourist shops. but I had a client recommend this place called Willy's smokehouse. She said they had the best pulled pork ever. I had this pulled pork sandwich with apple- jalapeno coleslaw on it! YUM! Parker had a burger with beef, bacon and pulled pork. Heart attack burger!

We really wanted to see a cool sunset so we drove around and found this little beach and we played and talked til the sun went down. The weather was perfect. 65-75 degrees.

Little bird feet! So cute!

The next day we went to the aquarium. I have never been and I was impressed. We got there early so we could watch the penguin feeding. Of course. They were awesome. There's a little video at the bottom of this post but it's kind of hard to see.

I am always impressed that these colors actually exist in nature.

you can't really see it but this fish was massive. It was probably 4 feet long. It was bigger than the sharks in the tank.

The jelly fish were AMAZING!


  1. Wow! Those Jelly-fish look pretty cool :)

  2. Awesome pics! Do you load your pictures backwards too? (bottom/last to top?) I'm glad to see you got them working again :)

  3. ya i do... is there some way to do that different. It's kind of annoying.