Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our new car!

In July I sold my Mustang and I have just gone carless for the past few months. I'll admit that it has been nice to be without the payments and it isn't that bad to only have one car, but it was starting to get old.

Last time I bought a car, it was more for fun and I just really loved it because it was so cute. THIS time I wanted a car that could hold all my beehives and stuff... lots and lots of stuff. So we really did our research. After a couple months of looking at reviews and Auto Trader, we found the kind of car that we wanted. We have driven all over and Parker has test driven about ten of them and today we found the right one and we grabbed it!

We got a smokin' deal on it and it is Parker's favorite color. It has been lovingly named Mini Penguin. Guess who named it. He gets to name the cars and I get to name the children... I think that's what we agreed on. Anyway I think yellow fits us. So, here it is.


  1. Cute car but I have to admit my first thought when I scrolled down and saw the car was... must not have many Beehives. I thought maybe you were getting a minivan or something. We have to get a new car too for Jeff.

  2. i have four beehives. In the mustang if I had any kind of stuff I had to take one less girl. the back seat is a joke in a mustang. the trunk space in the mazda is pure happiness!

  3. Very cute! I guess if your first child is named Penguin III or something to that effect we'll know who won that battle. lol!

  4. Very COOL car. Good job, hope it serve you well for a long time.