Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The small things

I was just thinking the other day about all of the small things that make me really happy. Here are some of those small things.

Foot massages
Parker in the morning
Diet Pepsi
School suppliesPutting the last check on a long To Do list
Listening to the hum of appliances
Knowing everything is clean and in it's place
Smell of fresh baked cookies
Realizing a prayer has been answered
Creme brulee
Parker cried at our wedding
Organizing things

Catching Parker smelling my hair
Arguing about future baby names (Winston is not an okay first name!)
Watching a funny movie with my dad
Baby pictures of Parker
When a brilliant idea dawns on me
When a client loves their hair
Finding money I forgot I had
Cleaning up after a successful party


  1. What? You don't like Winston? HAHA. And I love your list. Jon and I kind of have a similar one that we add to sometimes. We started it when we were back in Utah. Rainy days, hot chocolate, and pastrami sandwiches are a few :)

  2. Winston reminds me of a cigarette. You have a big list of small things that make you happy - that's good. AND, you need to fix your name so that it doesn't say csndice.

  3. so that has been driving me crazy and I couldn't figure it out until 2 seconds ago! haha